I was sitting in bed staring at a blank screen.
It’s 3 am, and I’m Freaking out!
I was way behind schedule…
How was I going to pull this off? 

I have paid an artist more than I cared to count on revision after revision from an artist that could normally deliver what I could SEE for the customer, but he just couldn’t nail it.
So it was left up to me. I began drawing and drafting, and spending hours going through fonts.

Back to the drawing board. I threw EVERYTHING away!
This was a BIG client, and I had to deliver something HUGE!!
I wanted them to cheer, hoot and holler when they saw this. 

Like that moment, when Stone Cold Steve Austin walks into the arena…

A guy can dream, can’t he… lol.

This was going to put us on the map.
I had been working on this Logo for a company for months now and we hadn’t delivered anything. Or at least anything we were proud of. 

Normally, this stuff just comes to me pretty naturally and I can see what the customer wants, just by talking to them.
But this time was different. 

This time, the customer didn’t know what they wanted.
And what they had was… well, I should be nice… Ok. It looked like a sixth grader in the 80s used MS Paint to create this “LOGO” if you could call it that…

I NEVER back down from a challenge though. 
So we gave it our best and came with nothing for months. 
Until that night with the blank screen.
As I was going through the fonts, it FINALLY came to me!

I knew this was going to be the winner.
For the next 2 hours, I crafted, and designed, and worked, and customized until it was perfect!

I had the winning design and I was ready to show it.
I brought it by the clients office and the reaction was priceless!
It made me feel like I had just given birth to my 4th child, (not really, but it did feel pretty good!)

To see their faces and hear the buzz in the room was wonderful!
I love the feeling when we get to experience a satisfied customer!
“This is what I was looking for, but couldn’t say it!” – They Said
Through this process, I discovered the “secret process” that gives us ALL the information we need to craft the perfect logo.

We have simplified the process in a way that saves both us and the customer lots of time, which in turn saves both of us MONEY.
And we can do that for you!

Let us Build something great!
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Nik Ingram

P.S. Next Week, I’m gonna share with you some tips on business card design

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