Yesterday I told you how my marriage was on the rocks because my wife was mad at me for taking ALL of our money at Christmas time and investing it in a business venture that made us broke.

Let me tell you how that all started.

I was intrigued with the internet at an early age. I was 14 when I built my first website, It was a geocities website and I used Dreamweaver to program the html.

When I was 19 years old (2002). It was the year I graduated high school. (my mom didn’t let me start on time…) My step dad suggested I get a vinyl cutter and make decals for go karts (my brother and I were racing them at the time). So I set up shop in my mom’s living room with a laptop and 24” light grey graphtec plotter/cutter and started cutting decals.

I get my entrepreneurial spirit from my mom. She’s been a photographer since before I was born.

Fast forward 10 years, I was married to Maggie and we had arrived in Columbia, MS where we had a storefront location making signs and decals for businesses. I saw a need for the customers who came in my store.

They were struggling and their best solution was to put up more signs and more banners to attract business. So I started offering websites to those customers to get exposure on the fast growing online marketplace.

We continued to invest in training on digital advertising and as social media became the place people were interacting more and more, we saw that as a viable opportunity for businesses.

Businesses all over the country were using it, but it was a struggle to convince business owners in Mississippi and the rest of the south the need to get online.

I decided to take on a handful of clients and try to prove that there was an opportunity for local businesses to use the internet and social media to grow their business.

I did some tests, and poked my toe in here and there. I made a few small wins over the next few years. And then something happened I could have never expected…

A tornado hit our hometown at Christmas time. That evening I built a website and a Facebook page to share information and recruit volunteers to help clean up our town. I shared a few posts and connected with a few people.

I went to sleep with about 50 people connected to our page, I woke up with over 1,500…

What the What??? Over the next 3 months, we cleaned up the town and it was an unprecedented recovery. The state Emergency Management called it, “A Textbook Recovery.” (that’s a story for another day)

I new there was something to this, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I hit a wall. For the next 3 years, I had some really great experiences, but I just couldn’t put it down on paper how to duplicate what happened again. Until, 3 years later, it was Christmas Eve.

I promised that we would produce results for a client and my back was up against the wall.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3: The Christmas present that changed my life!!

Your Guide,

Nik Ingram

Nik Ingram

Nik Ingram

CEO | President

Nik Ingram and his wife, Maggie, were married in 2006. They have one daughter, Krislyn Grace, who is a wonderful lively redhead that is destined to be a performer (or a beautician) her choice on both, lol... Nik started working as an entrepreneur at 13 shoveling horse manure for a local horse farm. He knows what it means to be in the grind, daily shoveling sh*t.

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