With sweat dripping off my face and my blood pressure up, I sat staring at my phone waiting for someone to respond. Anyone would do at this point. I just couldn’t take it anymore!

The thoughts kept rushing through my head, “You’re a fake!” ,“You have failed!” ,“You can’t do this!”, “Everyone will know and their is nothing you can do about it!”

My wife, Maggie, was irate that I took all our money on a gamble. “I shouldn’t have signed over our house so that you could do this! You promised me this wouldn’t happen! How could you do this to me and our daughter?”

I held off as long as I could really telling her what I did with the money, and today she found out. I didn’t think she would take it this hard.

No. I didn’t take it and gamble it away in the traditional since. I was so desperate to grow our business, I bet everything I had on developing a system that would help business owners grow their business online.

I had borrowed $100k against our house to finance this new business venture.

She was furious. I told her, it would work! Just wait, We can make our money back, and we can help other business owners!

I really screwed up this time. Not only did I take all our money and give it to someone else, I did it at Christmas!!!!

Now my marriage and Christmas is in Jeopardy. Now I had a wife that wouldn’t speak to me and a 5 year old that wanted a playhouse for Christmas. How was I going to get out of this one?

There was no way I could pay this back. My business had no money in the checking account. I had about $30k in money people owed me that I couldn’t collect because I hadn’t finished their work, and Maggie was volunteering her time at a local community center so she wasn’t producing an income.

This was this past Christmas 2016. Unless you’re my accountant or my wife, you probably didn’t know that was going on at the time. I’ve always been a very real, very transparent person because if you want big success, there’s a big price to pay, and I’m going to share some of the big prices I’ve paid.

As Lincoln or some other smart person said – Any fool can learn from their mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. We’ve cracked the code and became hugely successful. It took me 5 years to figure out how local businesses can profit from having an online presence, hopefully I can give you a path to learn much quicker.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2: The Christmas tornado that turned my world upside down

Your Guide,

Nik Ingram

Nik Ingram

Nik Ingram

CEO | President

Nik Ingram and his wife, Maggie, were married in 2006. They have one daughter, Krislyn Grace, who is a wonderful lively redhead that is destined to be a performer (or a beautician) her choice on both, lol... Nik started working as an entrepreneur at 13 shoveling horse manure for a local horse farm. He knows what it means to be in the grind, daily shoveling sh*t.

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