Apostolic Faith - Relevant Design
Apostolic Faith - Relevant Design
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Apostolic Faith

  • http://www.afcbyram.com/
  • http://www.afcbyram.com/
Project Name

Apostolic Faith Brand


March 04, 2015

Graphics, Technology
About This Project

Reverend Andrew Ballard of Apostolic Faith in Byram, MS, ¬†came to us looking for a solution. They¬†wanted to be innovative in a market that has long been received as “old-timey” and “not-in-touch” with the modern world. We started working. First we came up with a really nice iphone and android app. With this app, you can listen to Apostolic Pentecostal preaching anywhere, anytime. We then set out to help him discover his brand.

Andrew loved the new look to his logo, and wanted to see them on cards. Since then, we have printed various types of stationary products and continue to get requests frequently for printed materials for Apostolic Faith Byram.