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Make Your Own Luck - Relevant Design
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21 Dec Make Your Own Luck

Make Your Own Luck

"Success" fortune cookieI love Chinese food, especially at a Chinese buffet. About eight years ago, I walked into a local Chinese restaurant with a group of friends late one night to get some grub. We were regulars,
and the owners knew us. He let us stay late, past closing time. That night, after I finished my usual cream cheese wonton, I went to grab the fortune cookies. Maggie, my wife, hates it when I 
hand everyone’s fortune cookie to them, but I just can’t help myself.

I’m not superstitious, so I don’t pay any attention to the numbers on the inside, but I LOVE reading the fortunes. I know they are pretty much applicable to any situation, and sometimes I even get some funny ones like “a closed mouth gathers no feet” or “a tub and a rub will change your day.” I love reading them anyways.

But the one I got that night still sticks out in my mind. It read:

There are dreamers and there are achievers. The difference between the two is action.

Now this is a pretty great quote, and it’s been repeated before, including by Kirk Johnson @KirkMJohnson7.

But on that night, this one, simple statement propelled me into a new state of mind. As a young child, I had always dreamed of doing something great. At one time I wanted to be a firefighter, then the President, and even an airplane pilot. Even before I knew what the world had to offer, I knew I wanted to do something to help other people. That led me into building my own brand management company. And even though I have not flown a plane or saved someone from a house fire, I live every day ready to conquer the world and see what it has in store.

It takes both dreaming and achieving. You have to visualize your success before you can achieve greatness. Every day is full of decisions, paths, opportunities, obstacles and hurdles. And you have to be prepared to act on those opportunities and make the most out of life.

But before you can take action, you first have to visualize your dreams. Start with this simple process. Ask yourself, “What do I see myself doing 5 years from today?” Whether you say you will be operating a successful company, leading and providing well for your family, or nothing at all, chances are you will be doing just that.

I was told a story one time and it goes something like this:

Three teenagers, a girl and two boys, were sitting at a booth in a small local restaurant one morning, grabbing breakfast on a summer day. The girl tells the two boys that she wants to be the secretary for a very successful traveling evangelical when she gets older. She then asks the two boys what they want to be when they grow up. The first boy replies that he wants to be a successful lawyer with a large practice. The second boy waits for a minute, takes a sip of his strawberry shake, and with a sarcastic grin replies, “I don’t know, I guess I’ll be a bum.” To make the story short, can you guess where the three of these teenagers are today, some 40 years later? The girl became the secretary of the traveling evangelical and served him for many years. The first boy graduated law school and operated a successful law practice. The second boy? You guessed it, he became a bum.

There is such a power in visualizing your dreams. You create your destiny with the words that you speak. Your brain is always eavesdropping on your mouth, and subconsciously it dictates your actions. If you say you are forgetful with names, your brain makes a mental note of this. The next time you meet a new person, you forget their name immediately because you programed your brain to erase it before it had a chance to store it in your memory.

Visualize your dreams, then take action. Once you define and decide what your dreams, hopes and goals are, an interesting thing starts to happen inside you. You start to measure your actions by future plans. Every decision you make, you start to ask yourself, “Is this going to get me closer to my dreams and goals?”

nikYou can do this. Anyone can do this. Start today. Take out a piece of paper and write down what it is you want to see happen in your life, in your family, and in your community in the next 5 years. Share it with me on my FB page, Put your dreams out there for all to see. No matter how far you are away from your dreams, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Chinese Proverb). Take that step today, and make your own luck!



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