Is my site preview really free?

Yes!!  We build you a free preview of your site because we want you to see the impossible.

Why do you need my information?

It’s for our eyes only. We request a few key pieces of information that lets us learn about your business so we can build a website that best represents it and get in touch with you when we’re done! You can read our privacy policy here.

What happens after I submit my information?

Our teams get to work on your new site right away.  We data-mine your current site, analyze your social channels, and more. Our team applies our 20+ years of web designing experience to build your dream site.

What if I have never had a website?

Not a problem.  We can still build a free preview for you based on a few simple questions.  Once you join our Relevant Design family we’ll work with you to add the rest of your content, logo, colors, etc.

My my new site is awesome! How much does it cost to sign up?

Our package is only $199/month*. Need HD video and HD pictures for your website?  We can send a Relevant Design director to your business to create this for you.  This service is available for an additional one-time fee of $5,500*.

*Pricing restrictions apply. Please contact your Relevant Design business developer for more details.

Why a subscription?

This future-proofs your business. As technology and your taste change, we update your site. With Relevant Design, your site will always be cutting edge!!

What’s included for my low monthly fee?

Top of the list is a high quality website.  You also get access to our digital tools to help you manage your business online. Still need help? You have 24/7 support for your site to keep it operating optimally.




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