Nik Ingram
Nik Ingram
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About: nikkali

NIk Ingram is a 12-year experienced in the Graphic Design Industry and responsible for Relevant Design group. Nik Ingram has a long history of serving private, church, and government clients through the process of defining, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting marketing solutions and brand management. During his career Nik has led organizations with strategic online initiatives, including organizations such as: Alan’s Air Conditioning & Heating, District Attorney of Marion County, Farmer’s MedShoppe, If You Really Knew Me Movement, C-Cubed, LLC. and others. Nik Ingram is also a founder of Rd Graphics and CEO/President at the Relevant Design. He will lead your project and will participate as the senior project Manager of the solution. Nik also started his first business when he was 17 years old making signs in his mother’s living room. He made signs and decals through Dixie Grafix paying his way through college earning a BS in Human Resource Management.

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